7 in the City of the 7 Hills: The Festivals in Plovdiv in September 2018

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If you ever thought of moving to Plovdiv, this September may be the right moment to do so even if only for a month. The city will be bustling and full of sounds, fragrances, tastes, art, beauty, colors and diverse people who will be there for the upcoming festivals. Read on to learn more about each of them.


Shake that hill

Shake That Hill 2018

When: 31.8 (Friday) – 2.9 (Sunday)

Where: Youth Hill (Halm na mladostta / Mladejki halm)

What: Three days of exceptional music on two stages – Vibrant Stage and Main Stage. Freestyle Battle during which some new faces will stand behind the microphone to showcase their skills. Shake Market – a forest market for contemporary people divided into two zones: RECEPTORS – the home of the culinary artists and MAGIC where hand-made products live. FizKultura – Zumba, BodyFit and other group workouts opened for the visitors. Kids Create on the Hill – interesting creative workshops for kids aiming at developing diverse skills as well as some sport activities.


  • Milenita
  • Dicho and the Band
  • Plastic Bo.
  • Ogi 23
  • Bobo & The Gang
  • Wosh MC
  • So Called Crew
  • Georgi Nedkov (GIORG)
  • Victor Mavrov (Victor M)
  • DJ Steven (Metropolis)
  • Pacho & Pepo


More about the event here.


Plovdiv BeerFest

Plovdiv BeerFest 2018

When: 5.9 (Wednesday) – 9.9 (Sunday)

Where: Youth Hill (Halm na mladostta / Mladejki halm)

What: A new generation beer festival showcasing the diversity and the achievements in the production of beer. The guests will have the opportunity to taste various craft beers enjoying the artistic and music program.

More about the event here.


Mood for food festival

Mood for Food Street Festival

When: 14.9 (Friday) – 16.9 (Sunday)

Where: Central Square

What: Festival offering “food for all senses” which explores food as a natural social factor. Revolving around the idea of local culture and culinary traditions preservation and generational continuity, the philosophy of Mood for Food is “Enjoy the food. Share the experience. Have fun with your loved ones.”.


  • Tasting of appetizing dishes prepared by the restaurants and the food trucks participating in the festival
  • Presentation of local and regional producers
  • Tips for a healthier diet from experts in the field
  • Culinary workshops for mastering different food preparation and seasoning techniques
  • Special area for food photography
  • Escape room
  • Chilly eating contest
  • Concerts
  • Screenings of movies stimulating the appetite
  • Kids area


More about the event here.


Празници на стария град

Celebrations of the Old Town 2018

When: 17.9 (Monday) – 23.9 (Sunday)

Where: The Old Town

What: With the belief that the preservation and maintenance of the cultural and historical heritage should be a leading priority, Celebrations of the Old Town is a festival praising the splendor of antique Plovdiv proving that the past has a future. Days during which the Ancient meets the Contemporary; Antiquity, The Middle Ages and Renaissance are vivified by Youth.


  • Conferences and public debates
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Contemporary and classical music
  • Dances: Latino fiesta and Street dances
  • Artisan market
  • Retro cars fair
  • A special day dedicated to children


More about the event here.


One dance week


When: separate dates in the period 21.9 (Friday) – 14.10 (Sunday)

Where: House of Culture “Boris Hristov”, Gladston 15 Str.

What: Dedicated to the contemporary dance – an aesthetic art which is developing extremely dynamically, the festival is part of the series organized by the platform EDNO (ONE): ONE DANCE WEEK, ONE DESIGN WEEK and ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK.


  • #minaret by Omar Rajeh | Maqamat (Lebanon)
  • [K(-A-)O] & [LOVE] by Kenji Shinohe (Japan)
  • THE GREAT TAMER by Dimitris Papaioannou (Greece)
  • NIGHT by Circolando (Portugal)
  • ATMA by Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos (Greece)
  • A FIRST MEET by Lee, In So (Korea)
  • [SAL] by Kim, Jin A (Korea)
  • FOCUS LITHUANIA: GODOS by Aura Dance Theater (Lithuania); Panta Rei Dance Theater (Norway)
  • FOCUS LITHUANIA: GAME OVER by Low Air Vilnius City Dance Theater (Lithuania)
  • FOCUS LITHUANIA: CONTEMPORARY? by Arts Printing House (Lithuania)


More about the event here.


Капана фест

Kapana Fest Autumn ’18

When: 28.9 (Friday) – 30.9 (Sunday)

Where: Kapana District

What: Three days during which the artistic district Kapana shakes up. The cobbled streets under the colorful flags fill with artistry, activities, people and emotions. Revival, economic development and popularization of the space which once used to be an artisans center, are at the bases of the idea behind the festival aiming at bringing “art closer to the public, and the public – closer to art”.


  • Music on four stages: The Stars, Soul Seaarchin’ Vinyl, Kapana, Staropramen Stage
  • A market gathering artists, artisans and local producers
  • An area dedicated to literature
  • Food and beverages area where chefs and mixologists are making their magic
  • Cinema and theater


More about the event here.


Balkan Lindey Hop Championships

Balkan Lindy Hop Championships 2018

When: 27.9 (Thursday) – 1.10 (Monday)

Where: Drama Theater, Knyaz Alexander I 38 Str.

What: Part of the Love Swing Dance Festival, the event is the first of its kind Lindy Hop Championship welcoming dancers from all over the world demonstrating their skills and talents in 17 divisions.


  • Dance workshops
  • Parties with live music
  • Exclusive performances
  • Dance tour with music in the hear of the city


More about the event here.


In addition to all these festivals, 1 September is also the opening event of the “Autumn Salon of Arts” – “Autumn stories with a grand piano” – a concert on five stages after which there will be a challenge called “The grand piano is yours”. The Salon includes various culture events – exhibitions, concerts, plays, screenings and other and will happen during the following three months – September, October and November. The rich and exciting program of the festival can be found here (Bulgarian only).

And as good food adds to the beautiful moments, we invite you to take a look at the collection with hand-picked Dineout restaurants which you can discover while in Plovdiv or even become a regular if you have decided to move to or you already live in the City of the seven hills.

See you in Plovdiv!


*Dineout should not be hold responsible for any changes in the program or the dates of any the above-described events.