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BACCHUS: Bar and Restaurant of the Year 2018

Bacchus, the magazine for wine and gourmet culture, is the organizer of the competition “RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR BACCHUS, ACQUA PANNA & S.PELLEGRINO”. The solid past, including 17 editions, through which the team has gained experience and expertise, ensures that this is the biggest and most prestigious event in the culinary calendar in Bulgaria.

In 2019, besides restaurant of the year, “BAR OF THE YEAR BACCHUS” will be also announced. The events will be held in two consecutive evenings on 30 and 31 March at Sofia Event Center. In the following lines, we share more information and reveal some interesting facts.

Хакни системата с Dineout

Beat the System

Get every Boom! Burger for just 11.99! You can get the deal any weekday from 16:00 to 19:00, all you need to do is book in advance with or our mobile apps both at Boom! Burgers and Boom! Burgers and Booze. Additionally, every time you use Dineout to book a restaurant you earn points….


(BG) За добрата бира

Днес разговаряме с Мартин Евстатиев, а той разбира от бира. Мартин стои зад онлайн магазина Brewforia, където подбира интересни, различни и самобитни бири от някои от добрите пивоварни по света. Можеш да го срещнеш по време на честите представяния на интересни бири, които организира, където непринудено и компетентно ще ти разкаже за вкусната напитка. Преди…

Beaujolais Nouveau София 2016

Beaujolais Nouveau

At one past midnight on the third Thursday of November millions of bottles of a young wine set off from small towns and villages in Beaujolais, France. They’re all to be greeted in Paris and the rest of the world with a “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé” (Fr.: The new Beaujolais has arrived).That extraordinary wine…

На обяд или вечеря с бизнес партньори

Eating out with business partners

Lunch or dinner wth business partners have both grown into our business culture and became an essential part in any negotiations. And that responsibility can even bring more fun if you get to show around someone who’s never been around. So take the time and plan ahead: Explain Bulgarian tradition Lunch in Bulgaria isn’t as…


5 rules of hydration during summer

Who doesn’t love summer – long days, sunny and warm weather, drinking cocktails on the beach. Still, the one thing about summer that isn’t that pleasant is the heat. Around noon my warm feelings towards the sun are gradually getting colder, because I feel like I’m going to literally melt down, can’t breathe and just want…


The secret gardens of Sofia

With summer comes that special time when restaurants open their wonderful (secret) summer gardens and challenge us to create more memories, accompanied by good food and sweet talks. Good food awakens all the senses – our eyes, our sense of smell and that of taste. But those favorite places of ours, where we like to…


Pasta perfetta!

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti! This quote by Sophia Loren proves that Italians not only know how to appreciate themselves, but also their food. The beauty of Sophia Loren is just as classic as the pasta for Italy. It’s been cooked for hundreds of years already, every minute, not only in its homeland,…

Sushi Etiquette featured image

Sushi Etiquette

Sushi is one of the many examples of the devotedness to small details, beauty and perfection that’s so common for Japanese culture. On the other hand the time and effort that preparing sushi consumes simply requires appreciation by tho one enjoying it. And because sushi is one of my personal favourites I gathered some of…

Етикет в ресторант

7 simple rules to follow at the dinner table

Honestly I’ve often thought dining etiquette is reserved for those restaurants that make you wait a month for reservation and get you table ware you barely know how to call. Time has taught me though that table manners are just a way to show appreciation to the other guests and to those who worked hard…

Ресторанти за свети валентин в София

14 places to check out for 14 February

Romantic getaways are probably some of the memories we cherish the most. And it only makes sense that that St. Valentine’s became a widely celebrated festive in Bulgaria right away, despite that its Catholic origins. It’s little known that there is not one but three saints behind that day. Or that there were pagan celebrations…