7 simple rules to follow at the dinner table

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Honestly I’ve often thought dining etiquette is reserved for those restaurants that make you wait a month for reservation and get you table ware you barely know how to call. Time has taught me though that table manners are just a way to show appreciation to the other guests and to those who worked hard to get you that dinner. Here are

7 simple rules to follow in a restaurant

that I think are not going to change any time soon.

Dress accordingly

That’s a whole topic to cover but for the time being simply ask the host if there is any dress code. That will save you lots of uncomfortable moments.

Always wait to be seated

Seriously, even in that place right around the corner you visit quite often. We sometimes forget how hard it is to work in a restaurant and how much organisational skills it requires and just storm to the only available table. The problem is it might not be cleaned out yet or that’s already somebody waiting to be seated there. So say hello before heading to any table. And you’re supposed to enter your chair from the left and leave it from the right.

If you are the host

invite guests to order by asking the waiter to take their orders first. That will save your guests the awkwardness of having to follow your lead.

Don’t put your phone on the table

ever. Same goes for purses, wallets, keychains and pretty much all the small items you dig out of your pockets when you come home. Leave your bag on the side of your chair or under the table.

Pass salt and pepper together

regardless if you’ve been asked for just one of them. Should you be sharing some dishes pass them from left to right.

Маниери на маста

Food is served from the left side

and try not to grab any plates while still airborne otherwise you’re risking spills.

If you spill some food

It’s OK to pick up small quantities spilled on the table and get them back to where they belong. If there’s a lot more spilled – simply ask for help.

Enjoy the moment

That may not be part of table manners but is the reason you’re eating out. So enjoy it.